HEY! Nice to meet you!

As parents of a couple of little legends, we wanted to raise them to be active and adventurous how we were in our childhoods.

Our little family loves camping as much as we can, heading up the beach in the rig for a picnic and climbing all the local mountains - but the daily grind of work, school and after school activities really keep us busy. By the time our ‘free time’ comes around all we wanted to do was laze around the house.

After a few reality checks in life, as a family we realised that it’s ok to ditch the routines a little bit, be a bit more spontaneous and to get out as much as we can to keep fit and healthy, not to mention the most important part : Filling up the memory banks of OUR children! Think of all the stories your little legends will tell their kids!

Join us on our adventures while we have fun with our little legends teaching them to play & adventure while being earth friendly and protecting their futures!

Happy Adventures!

Hamish & Donna, Ry & Loz xo