Aussie World | Sunshine Coast Theme Park, Queensland

1 Downunder Drive, Palmview QLD 4553


Ask any kid,  I think amusement/theme parks would be right up there with their most favourite things to do!  Imagine how exciting that would be getting the chance to go at night time, excitement overload!

Last year our school won a local competition which earned the school cheaper tickets for a fundraising night event at our local theme park, Aussie World Ride the Night (you can check out their What’s on page HERE for the next night event).  Of course we couldn’t say no to the little legends, we love the thrill and excitement of the place just as much as they do.

Tickets purchased, count down on to one of the most exciting nights in our kids childhoods.  I can almost guarantee they won't forget stuff like this. The night came and being an awesome Mum i swapped my standard Saturday night pajamas attire for my going out clothes and we set off to experience Aussie world in all it’s night glory.

Arriving though, we nearly died when we saw the line to get it. We thought we would be prepared and arrive early enough to get a good spot in line, i guess everyone else in the Sunshine Coast had the same idea. That aside, it didn’t stop two eager little legends from braving the wait and without too long we were in to all of the lights and action of the rides and sideshows.


Aussie world is a great little local destination for us.  On any given day you can pack so much fun and adventure into a day out there and the rides and sideshows are just pure good old fashioned fun.  Yes, it was crazy busy on the night event but we didn’t mind. Honestly, there may have been a moment where i second guessed why we came to such a busy event but watching the sparkle in our kids eyes about how excited they were being out at night time doing all this different fun stuff made it all worthwhile.  The queues were long but it just gave the kids more time to chat with their mates and hype themselves up over what ride was next on their to do list.

When your there next don’t forget to have a ride on the ‘mozzie muster’ that’s our family favourite for sure! And the dodgems, you can’t beat them - although I don’t understand why people look so offended if you hit them? Isn’t that how dodgems work hehe.


If you're a local like us who hasn't been there for awhile, stop in the kids will love it.  It’s an affordable fun day out and caters to all ages - and if your a visitor passing through definitely stop in to get that heart racing for the day and have a sore face from all the screaming and laughing you'll have with each other.