Raising Recycling Superheros! Plus FREE printable activity pack

Loz made herself a recycled guitar & shes been serenading everyone ever since

Loz made herself a recycled guitar & shes been serenading everyone ever since

From a young age our little legends have always known to recycle.  When they attended our local kindy they were really introduced to how important recycling was to protect our beautiful island home and it was imprinted into their daily lives.  Cue, recycling superheroes! Obviously, leading by example too is really important. It has always been a routine practice in our home but they even taught us a thing or two. As adult’s it is just an everyday part of our routines to sort our recycling from our rubbish like brushing our teeth or washing our clothes, but the little legends need a little more help learning how to do it and the benefits of it so along with this awesome blog post we have created a little recycling activity pack for your family to help teach the kids in fun creative ways because let's face it, if it sounds like a chore the kids just won’t want to do it, so lets have some fun.

Talking about recycling can be a really thought provoking topic about their future for kids.  When I asked my little mermaid earlier why she recycled it was firmly because she didn’t want any animals like turtles or fish to get hurt from our rubbish in the ocean, and to make sure our planet is clean. Man, what a legend. Teaching and encouraging our kids to protect and care for THEIR environment is one of the most important core values we could ever teach our children.  It’s our job as parents to help them think about the positive impact their recycling can have on our Planet earth for them to enjoy for the rest of their lives, but also for their children, and so on.

Depending on your neighbourhood depends on what recycling facilities you have.  For example, in our neighbourhood we only have the one for garbage and one for recycling.  In some areas like where i grew up have one particular for glass and plastic bottles too.

Recycling doesn’t just have to be about can be recycled into your kerbside recycling bin.  There are many ways that you can integrate recycling into your daily habits:

  • Finding alternatives to help reduce your waste on products like glad wrap/cling film: Try buying reusable beeswax wraps that can be used to cover leftovers in the fridge or wrap sammies in lunch boxes.  Or stocking up on reusable snack containers for kids lunch boxes

  • Do you know someone with chickens locally? You could collect food scraps for them and swap them for fresh eggs

  • Investing in a good quality stainless steel water bottle.  These are lifesavers in our family, and we all have our own that we take everywhere with us.  For years we brought cheap little drink bottles and the kids lost them all the time or they got moudly really quickly.  After buying one good drink bottle each we never have the problem of finding them now that we are responsible for our own individual water bottle.

  • Build your own compost bin or worm farm - now this could be fun for the little legends and a great way to use food scraps

  • Reducing our energy and water use and teaching the kids to turn off lights or power points when they aren't in use, and turning off the tap while we are busy brushing our teeth

There are so many different and fun ways for you to incorporate recycling into your families everyday routine:

  • Spend some time making a recycling station. The little legends can make some awesome labels they can read & recognise, and away they go recycling

  • Visit your local school or kindy and check with them if there are any recyclable products that they could use for learning or creative purposes or even items they could reuse or put some new life back into like: jars, yougurt containers, or even an old tyre to make into a pretty planter in the playground

  • Go on an rubbish adventure hunt in your neighbourhood - don't be afraid to get out there in the fresh air together and look for items you can pick up and dispose of properly, it’s a great way to get a bit of exercise too. (Find your very own Adventure Hunt in our activity pack)

  • Help the little legends learn how pack their very own waste free lunchbox. Our kids love packing their own, and it makes them want to eat it more because they had the chance to pick their food options

  • Pocket money Incentive - Queensland has just introduced the refund scheme, Containers for Change, which has been in other states for some time now.  Our little legends were quite excited about the possibility of making some pocket money on their recycling efforts - albeit taking some time as we don’t have a lot of cans or bottles for them to cash in! (We re use alot of our recyclables eg glass bottles for our kombucha etc)

And, if you have creative kids, recycling is a whole new possibility to create something awesome! Have fun with the recyclables before they are sent off to recycling with these fun activities:

Busy building her new instrument

Busy building her new instrument

  • Make your own worm farm start a composting adventure - Imagine having all those awesome creepy crawlies to watch and give awesome names too

  • Make your own musical instruments and make your own band - Guitars and drums are pretty popular to build in our home

  • Robot building competition

  • Grow seedlings in  used milk containers or yoghurt pots

  • Build your own cars from cardboard boxes

  • DIY Jigsaw puzzles. Cut up old packaging from products into your very own puzzles

  • Giving new life to glass jars: they are perfect to store all your treasures in around the house or even using them to store art supplies, food in the pantry or even fresh flowers that you could have picked on a walk

And lastly, we can teach our little legends to donate and pass on things that we no longer use to others, and reduce them going into the bin and ending up in landfills.  Teaching them to donate means that some other lucky little legend gets the chance to play and love their old toys just like they did.

Let’s have a positive impact on the environmental future of our little legends to help them and their children have a beautiful place to live.

Happy Recycling!

Click here to download your Little Legends Recycling Activity Pack, and enjoy!

Why don’t we print photos anymore?

I don’t know if you have noticed it yet, but i’m pretty big on reminiscing.  I always think back to parts of my childhood, i have so many special things i remember about it.  Life was so much easier back in the nineties, nowhere near as much social pressures as we have in life now. I guess that’s why i’m so passionate about trying to rekindle parts of my childhood and to put it into my own children’s lives.  I so desperately want them to look back and feel how i felt when i looked back at my childhood memories.

photo album.jpg

One thing i have always wondered, was why there was such a decline in taking and printing out our photos. As a kid i would literally spend hours looking through mum’s treasured photo box.  The point of taking photos and printing them was to share your memories with others. It was an event to get together and look at photos. Kids used to pull out their baby photo albums and look at them so often like they were reading a cherished children’s book.  There were always plenty of photo options ready to attach to school projects and it wasn’t always a last minute dash to Kmart to print a photo out. We’ve reached the digital era now where its just convenient to not spend money printing memories, but to hold on to them in our digital albums in the sky.  But don’t you miss the days where you would hold them and look over them? Where you would carry them around with you in your bag to show anyone and everyone? (Good old, Grandma’s brag book was one of those!) Why do we wait for the memories just to show up on our social feeds now? Why aren’t we just flicking through our memories on a daily basis to keep all those memories alive?  There is still obviously a love for holding a print because of the trends of Polaroid cameras now so let’s get back to printing our print’s I say. Let’s rekindle those old photographic souvenirs - sacrifice some money in the weekly budget to print some photos out to always have around.

One of the most fun memories i’ll always remember was taking photos and hoping they turned out.  It wasn't like these days, no snap then look to make sure it's perfect, add on a filter for good measure.  You basically had the chance to take 24 good photos. You would drop them off at the local shops to get developed and you had to hope that you had snapped some good ones - oh the excitement of waiting for these was sooooo fun, oh the memories!

My Mum had this old treasured photo box, it was overflowing with photos of 6 kids, and if anything happened like a house fire, it was just a golden rule, someone had to grab the photo box.  One common trend thinking back now was that she was in barely any photos. Good old mum, always taking the photos to lock those moments in time, but never actually being in them herself. I grew up naturally like my Mum, shying away from the camera, it just wasn't for me.  And of course when my kids came along, i was busy snap snap snapping them, again no photos of me. It wasn't until recently i read something that really got me thinking, and pulled on the heartstrings big time. It was basically to the point of, will your kids have any photo memories of you being there? What happened if heaven forbid you were no longer here, would your kids have any photos, moments locked in time, of you being there with them.  It really hit home for me.  If you have ever lost someone special in life, you realise just how important those photographic memories really are, because that is all you’ll be left with.  My kids didn’t have any photos of me, and it was a rude wake up call. If i wasn't the one taking the photos, i was usually busy cooking, or cleaning or running around like a headless chicken.  Well that moment changed me forever. I am forever taking photos of the kids now, with me, with the whole family. It’s no longer ‘stand there, stand still, smile’ staged photos, its photos of everything, running amok or even plenty of those hilarious snapchat filters that we all pretend we don’t like doing but we secretly do.

So i propose this as our family homework! Print more photos.  

Once we start printing photos again, it will start to feel like normal, how it was when we were younger. While your at it, grab a photo album and start filling it up and keep it somewhere in the house where it can be touched and looked at every single day.

Don’t just wait for the daily memories from your social accounts to remind you of your memories.

Happy Snapping x

We drove 9 hours to go on a star gazing adventure!


We’ve spoken about heading down towards Coonabarabran for years, ever since Hamish used to have to drive home during the night from working away there and he used to just be gobsmacked at the night sky and would describe it as ‘someone sprinkling stars in the sky and it looked like dust everywhere’.  We finally got the guts to try driving down there with the kids, so we booked it in and enjoyed Easter 2019 down there.

We’re not going to lie, the drive was long, extremely long but so worth it for our family.  Hamish knew the places and roads like the back of his hand so it felt really familiar passing through all these towns we had heard so much about.  It took us close to 10 hours to get there, including stops to feed and run the kids and booking in and getting our annual national parks pass and camping permits at the visitor centre, but because we had packed so lightly by the time we arrived and set up we were done in no time.

Leaving Coonabarabran and starting the drive into the valley we were all in complete awe, even the kids were commenting about how incredible the place looked.  The terrain was so much different to what we are used to up in Queensland and it’s still quite evident of the damage that happened when most of the National Park was destroyed by a bushfire in 2013 - a lot of the trees look like skeletons and there is not much foliage.


We were nestled down in the end of Camp Blackman B1 camp area, on the verge of a beautiful gully that reminded us a lot of the areas we grew up in in New Zealand.  It was perfect walking distance to the amenities block but far away to have our own little private nook. Within minutes of arriving the kids were off!  Like I said on a Facebook post on the way home it was such a different trip for our little legends. They are used to us packing everything, bikes scooters games etc but because we had limited space and such a long trip ahead we decided to pack lightly and the kids basically just had a couple of books, some colouring in stuff and just each other to play with. Boy, what a blessing this was.  We’ve never seen such excited, adventurous, busy little legends - not once did we hear “I’m Bored” etc . We took our slackline which the kids loved (lots of fun, apart from a fellow camper had one and he was pretty epic so he scared us adults off from having a go and looking a bit silly).

We initially went down for the incredible astronomical sights in the area, the Dad’s are pretty fond of the stuff in the sky, but unfortunately we arrived on one of the biggest full moons of the year so it was a little less than we expected.  Were we disappointed? Nope, not a bit. We still saw some of the clearest brightest skies we have ever seen and it didn’t stop the Dad’s getting out the fancy new telescope and seeing late at night the craters on the moon, the rings around Saturn, a shooting star and the moons of Jupiter.  Pretty cool right?

We spent our few days checking out the local walking tracks (some bucket list hikes to go back and try when the kids are older and can handle the 15 km distances) and trekking around the campground gullies doing the Little Legends Easter Adventure Hunt (Parents vs Kids - guess who won?)  At the end of this little adventure we stumbled along a hike right on our back door step of B1 camping.  It was one of the most incredible experiences ever walking into luscious beautiful plains that looked like we were in Africa, completely surrounded by mountain ranges and we come upon countless kangaroos and even spotting emus.


A trip to the Siding Spring Observatory is a must, apart from having some of the most breathtaking views i have ever seen in my life, the working research telescope and museum had us all enjoying it, even hooking in us Mum’s that didn’t think we would enjoy it as much.

Would we travel back 10 hours to do it all over again? Without a doubt, but next time we will stay a week at least.

The most rewarding thing to take home from this trip was watching the little legends just have good old fashioned dirty fun playing like we did when we were kids.  Building forts, making new best friends with other camping kids and having giant games of cricket where no one was ever left out. The kids have rated it pretty high on one of their favourite camping spots so that says a lot considering there wasn't anything fancy for the kids to do or play on.

2019 Easter has left us with some pretty epic memories, a visit from the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny found us and left us chocolate to enjoy, meeting new camping mates and sharing meals around the campfire with your best mates, that’s living Barry!

Will the cold stop you?

With the cooler months fast approaching and the temps starting to fall around our beautiful country some of you may be packing your camping gear away till summer or squeezing in one last mission for the Easter break, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


While you are reading this blog our family will starting our next camping adventure 10 hours south from us from the sunny warm Queensland and heading down to some cooler temps (and hopefully crystal-clear skies) down near Coonabarabran in New South Wales for some epic star gazing nights with our mates and the little legends and yes, we’ve got our Little Legends Adventure Diary printed and ready to keep them occupied on the drive (sign up to our mailing list for your own copy today here - we won’t be able to send them till we are home though as we are leaving the electronics at home!).

Keep watching our blog over the next few weeks as we fill you in how the drive went to and from with some excited kids, how we managed to camp without doing the usual and taking everything including the kitchen sink (basically i need to learn to take less and have more quick spontaneous missions), and all about the area we stayed near Warrumbungle National Park in Central Western NSW, Australia’s only dark sky park.  The park is renowned for its epic stargazing thanks to crystal-clear night skies, low humidity & high altitude and reduction in use of man-made lights in the area (Have a read about it here). It will be time to  turn off the lights, get outside and check out the stars!

The cooler weather never stops us from getting out and adventuring in the great outdoors, nothing a good hoodie or flanno doesn’t fix.  One of our favourite camping things is waking up in the chilly mornings, firing up the campfire, brewing the much needed caffeine & hot chocolates, and hugging the hot mugs over a morning chat (camping hint; put the camp chairs undercover at night or this sit wont be as comfortable haha). Spiderwebs coated in dew make awesome things for the kids to watch & explore in the morning, and another extra bonus about the cold, those slithering snakes are around a lot less.

As long as you are prepared for the chilly weather, go on do it!  Don’t let the idea of having a break from camping ‘because it’s winter’ stop you from getting out and making some awesome memories together.  Go out and spoil yourself with some new flanno PJ’s, sleeping bags, hoodies and UGG boots and enjoy snuggling around a warm campfire at night with your nearest & dearest and a bottle of red! Life is so much better outside.

See you when we are back from Easter camping - Happy Adventures!

3 buys that changed our camping & adventures for the better!

We’ve always loved camping growing up, before we had kids and even just when the kids were born, but we have definitely fell in love with it even more over the last few years, craving just the simplicity of living with the basics and enjoying our company instead.  We decided to put together a little list of the 3 best camping purchases that we have invested in over the last few years that have really improved our camping and adventure experiences. Hopefully you are already lucky enough to have these products, if not it gives you a little help of where to start when starting out camping.

First up is our ‘Dune premium 4WD Mat’.  We brought this beauty from Anaconda, you can check it out here.  Previously for years we had used your typical air bed - you know how it is, all fun in the beginning but give it a couple of nights and sometimes you’d wake up touching the floor.  We ‘upgraded’ to the air mattress that was on a frame, again it was awesome but over time it felt like it went down and the most annoying thing we found was it was noisy! Way too noisy for the peace and quiet serenity of camping.  Every time we moved or rolled the campers next door could hear it, and when the little legends jumped in in the morning for a cuddle the noise was the controlled chaos of a wrestling ring. Anyway, back to the Dune premium 4WD mat, this little self inflating beauty is perfect for any adventure and after 2 weeks on it over Xmas we were pretty impressed.  One of the best parts of this mat was no noise, even with the kids rolling around like monkey’s in the morning. We can definitely recommend it for a solid night's sleep.

Before we purchased it we did a lot of research on line for self inflating mats and a common complaint was rolling it back up and putting it away but we haven't had a problem yet, the bag has ample room to get it back in.  We’ve even found it to be less fuss than dealing with an air mattress. An added bonus for it is it’s an awesome little spare bed to pull out when you have extra visitors if you have a small house like us or to put up in the lounge for a family movie sleepover with the little legends.

Our 2nd product would have to be one of our most expensive investments at $1400 so we treat it like it’s our third child.  We would like you to all meet our baby, a Waeco CFX95 fridge freezer. Again purchased from Anaconda, you can see it here.  This was a big step up for us from years of using our ice box and esky’s but it was definitely a game changer for our family.

 It has an abundance of room, perfect if your a planner/packer like us and prep all your camping meals ahead of time and keep flat vacuum sealed in the freezer - plenty of space for the essentials and even some extra goodies like ice blocks in the freezer.  It has two separate compartments that you can operate at different temperatures (eg fridge and freezer) or you can set them both as fridge temperatures, it really is perfect for a bigger family. The fridge is easy enough to put in the truck for a day driving up the beach with all the snacks, food and drinks you’d need or to store a good couple of weeks worth of food in it.

These fridges are great but they do need a bigger power source so make sure your batteries are up to the job.  We run 2x 150 amp batteries with it and a Kings 240 watt solar panel and that worked great for 2 weeks (whilst also charging a gopro, JBL speaker and a few other things from time to time).  We absolutely love our fridge, and it fits into our family perfectly!

And lastly is definitely our beloved JBL Charge 4 speaker.  We love nothing more than chilling around the campsite with a few tunes on in the background.  Music is a big part of our family and you’ll always find us singing or dancing along to something.  The Charge 4 is the ultimate portable speaker, it’s tough, durable and waterproof (perfect if you accidentally forget to put it away at night, ugh!).  The volume and quality is surprisingly excellent and even sounds a lot better than our all of our other electronic devices around the house. It is USB charging so we plug it into the side of our fridge but the charge generally lasts for quite a long time without needing to be plugged in. (Get your’s here!)

Hope this little blog helped with inspiring you on some future camping purchases.  What are some of your best camping buys that you just can't’ live without?

Happy Adventures!

Tie Dye with the Kids!

If you're looking for an epic activity to do with the little legends one weekend then look no further, it’s time to knock off tie dying with the kids off your bucket list.  On the outside it looks to be super chaotic, super messy and super stressful but with a little planning and learning how to do it ahead of time it’s actually quite fun and the thrill of waiting and seeing what you created is pretty awesome too.

What you’ll need:


-White Shirts (100% Cotton works the best!):  We normally stock up on these at when we are at Kmart or even check the drawers for old plain white shirts that are discolouring a bit.

- Tie dye kit: Again, a trip to Kmart for this.  We’ve used their kits a few times now and they are perfect & pretty affordable with everything you need, just add water to the squirt bottles and your ready to go. Check the colours when you buy them, on one occasion we have got a kit and the colours were super bright and vibrant, another time a completely different kit was brought and the colours came out in pastels, which by the way looked super cute!  This was our recent set we brought where the colours were super pastels: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/65-piece-mega-tie-dye-kit/925821

- Rubber Bands:  These come in the kits but if you have spare ones around the house, perfect you can never have too many.

-Gloves:  Do yourself a favour and get a little box of disposable gloves for everyone to wear, it will save so much time scrubbing for you all later on.

-Old clothes to wear while you are doing it (or if you're anything like ours they prefer to strip and do it in their undies!)

-Something old to put on the ground that can soak up the mess that can be washed after: We have a couple of old towels in the cupboard saved away for activities like this or painting.

-Zip seal bags:  These will be used to put each shirt in for their setting time so label them with each name before you start.

Planning ahead is super important i found to make it as fun and chilled out as it can be.  Start by pre-washing your shirts a day ahead of time, especially if they are new. Most kits will have easy basic instructions to follow but we will give you a little idea how we do it below too.


How to do it:

-Wet your shirts so they are damp, just a rinse under the tap and wring out will do.

-Fold or roll them into the design you would like.  You can go for a random design by scrunching the shirt up and securing with rubber bands around it or the swirl design which we usually do and is basically rolling the shirt around so it looks like a snail or scroll design, again securing with rubber bands.  If you want to do this swirl design most kits will come with a fork shaped tool to help roll it or you can use a fork from home or just pinch with your fingers.

-Let the kids go wild with the die bottles, we like to fill all the white gaps or you could just do it randomly. That’s the beauty of tie dye designs, anything goes and it’s uniquely yours!

-Let it set: Once the kids are finished, put each of their shirts into a zip seal bag with their name on it (trust me this will help when you grab them the next day and can’t remember who’s is who’s!)

-Rinse it out: Rinse the shirt in warm water and remove all the rubber bands.

-Wash & dry: Wash the shirts separately for the first few times.


-Don’t forget to wear gloves, it will save your hands later!

-You don’t always have to go out and buy something to use, search in the drawers of old white clothing that needs a new lease of life

We recently went to a party where this was actually  the party activity and take home favour, how cool is that? Plan your next party with a little bit of tie dye fun  and look at the lasting memory they get to take home from it, much better than a bag full of lollies right! Our kids really  love doing this, the shirts generally turn into very well loved sleepwear tops! Loz loves experimenting with all the different colours and the surprise of how it will look when we open it up the next day and Ryan loves it and thinks it really fun and exciting to see the final product too!

Happy tie dying adventures!

Check out these amazing pics of our creations these holidays!

Do you need a factory reset?

How much time do we actually spend on our phones? Look this probably isn't everyone's favourite subject to talk about, especially when we realise how much time we do, but go on check your results they may surprise you!

Phones and screens consume our lives more and more these days: Social media platforms, alarm clocks to wake for work, apps to track your period, bank cards in our phone cases, running a business from your phone, apps to see how our children are progressing in school and daycare, apps to play music in the car or tracking our daily steps and fitness goals, the list could go on and on. They are basically used in every aspect of our lives now, people even scroll while sitting on the toilet


2019 is another year where technology is having an even greater impact on us and especially our children more than ever before, both negatively and positively. As parents to our two beautiful kids we recognise where technology is beneficial when it comes to their education but we are also aware how too much time on devices can be negative. Even us adults find ourselves drawn to our phones when our hands are idle, a quick scroll of your Facebook feed (even though you could have only checked it 7 minutes ago) – they are so highly addictive aren't they?

Do we really need to see someone we went to high school with show their new car online? (Cue the feeling of needing to get a new car for our self now!) or being bombarded by size 6 girls in bikinis making us feel self conscious about our own bodies? We need to stop this behaviour. Yes, I know what your thinking, easier said than done right? Trust me, I actually get it! And I've just recently chosen a career which connects with people on social media platforms so I'm exposing myself to technology more than ever, but I am learning to balance it out and to create a more healthy work and family balance. I want to work hard to change my habits so my focus is more on my children and less on my Facebook feed, and I hope you can join me on this too.

Try doing a factory reset on yourself! Just like how we would do on our phone, but this time it's on us. You know what, you can actually do it! Most of us grew up before phones and social media even became popular, and look how well we turned out? Try and join me to change your habits, they may be small, they may be big, but at the end of the day it is something. Our children are our number 1 fans, they adore us, so whatever behaviour we model, they will copy it too. We have all seen the pictures of parents ignoring their kids while looking at their phone, and on the other hand all had our own kids staring mouth open, eyes glazed over at the TV or iPad while we try to talk to them, frustrated because they aren't listening to us. It's time as parents to look in the mirror and to start using our most precious time more wisely.

Thinking about all this made me look at my own behaviour. I was, and in some instances still guilty of actually enjoying sitting on my phone and having a good old scroll. It's kind of like my own down time so to say, but when I could visibly see on my phone the time I actually spent, I was shocked. It made me think of all the times that I had got frustrated at my own kids for staring at a screen and not listening, and I was effectively doing the same thing. Just changing our behaviours in small steps will help.


Try having times during the day when there are no phones or screens like dinnertime. Going out for a bike, or a walk or a climb without your phone. Try putting your phone down if the kids come into the room – give them your full attention. I know its not as easy as deleting apps (which I have done in the past!) because a lot of people work via their phones now but if it helps, you can delete them on your days off, they will be there when you need to reinstall them. I tried this one, I thought I would struggle, but honestly it wasn't that bad, out of sight out of mind works a treat for me.

As a mum, I like to keep my phone on me during the day, especially when the kids are in school and I may need to be contacted about them, but when they are home, I like to put it in a place away from me to have a break from it. I used to always be that Mum that would photograph every single thing the kids would do, if I didn't photograph it, it didn't happen right? I'm trying my hardest to change that, to be more present in times like climbing mountains, chilling at the beach or even at school getting an award, and sticking that moment in the memory bank instead. You might notice that with our adventures, there is not always a lot of footage , I like to get a couple of photos but really I just like to be there in the moment, enjoy it, and then write all about it when we get home instead.

Want to know something that really helps our family when we need a factory reset? It's camping! Obviously we could list so many reasons why but how about we just leave one of the most important reasons right here: Connection. Connecting as a family away camping for a few days, unplugged, will 100% bring you closer together and for sure give those little legends some really awesome memories. When you are camping the phone batteries die, there's no unlimited WiFi, the coverage is sometimes pretty limited, so you have to rely on each other for fun and companionship. There's no need for an ipad or device when you are camping, days of fun, play & adventures, nights of campfires and star gazing, it's pure bliss. The best times our kids ever sleep are when we are camping, because they are just so exhausted from living their best lives!

Hopefully this post has helped or inspired you into a factory reset with us, whether its small steps or big its something and your kids will notice.

Happy Connecting!

Get growing with your Kids!

Looking for a cool, different activity to do with the little legends this weekend? Why not plant a tree! It's the perfect way to create a memory with them, and they get to get out and dirty while enjoying sunshine, fresh air & nature!

Planting trees or plants with your kids is not only a fun activity to do together but it’s also a great chance for them to learn something new through actively participating with you, and hey you never know you may even learn a few things too.  It's the perfect hands on way for them to learn about the environment, and you don't even need a big backyard to enjoy it. You could plant a large tree on your acreage, put a small tree or plant in pots around your patio or doorways, or start an inside pot on the kitchen bench.

You’ll find super fun learning opportunities throughout the process, like:

  • The planning stages: deciding what you would like to plant and what would be suitable for your local conditions.

  • Planting: what to plant in particular seasons, how to plant seeds, plants or trees etc.

  • Names: Learning the botanical names of your plants/trees (and also having fun choosing an awesome new name!).

  • Looking after your new plants: How to maintain them and learning what will help them grow like composting etc - you could even set up your own compost bin or worm farm.  Did you know one kilogram of worms can eat and recycle one kilogram of food scraps everyday? That makes some pretty awesome worm castings for your plants to enjoy, not to mention its a pretty fun bunch of pets for the kids to have!

  • Encourage & talk about recycling: What could you use around the house to plant into, like egg cartons for seedlings or even a pair of Dad’s old work boots for flowers - you don’t need to buy everything brand new.

This is such a positive way that kids can learn to help their environment.  It teaches them to love nature and to even have the thought to look forward to how the environment will look in their future.  Planting fruit, herbs or veggies can help encourage and build healthy food choices and lifestyles, so a win win for us parents!

Now the fun begins! Spend some time together, adventuring around your local nurseries or Bunnings (bonus, sausage sizzle for the ride home) to find what you're looking for and really encourage the kids to get in and get dirty helping.  This also helps if you get in and enjoy being dirty with them too!

Remember, you don't need to have a green thumb to have fun and make your plant grow and flourish.  Why not start with something super easy like a little succulent or a funky little cactus? There are heaps of super cool little ones that the kids will love, and can be hardy if you happen to accidentally forget to water it enough.

Everyone deserves to have a name right, so let the kids come up with a name for their new house mate.  We always name our plants when we get them, it builds the connection with the kids and gives them the confidence and sense of responsibility to care for something.

The fun doesn’t have to end after planting.  The kids get the excitement of watching it grow but they can also harvest the fruit, herbs or vegetables when they are ready (maybe even learn to eat something they didn't think they even liked!) or even do craft activities with the flowers, leaves or seeds that come off.

Here are a few ideas for plants or trees that you could plant:

  • Bright flowers: sunflowers, daffodils, marigolds

  • Plants or trees the kids can taste: fruit trees (they take time but are worth the wait), herbs or vegetables like strawberries, radishes or tomatoes.  If you have the space you could plant something bold and beautiful like a weeping cherry (the flowers are amazing!)

  • Succulents: These guys are pretty hardy and easy, things like aloe vera are awesome and that can be used on the skin to soothe it

  • Pretty smelling flowers: jasmine, lavender, sweet peas

  • Inside plants: Potted herbs on the bench (it might encourage them to try more flavours) Rubber fig (help removes toxins from the air) or a venus fly trap (super cool looking and the kids will love watching it)

If you have any questions, get in touch us. Our background is horticulture so we would be happy to offer any advice, and don't forget to send us a photo of your little legends and their new plants.  We would love to see them and share them so we can all get inspiration.

Happy Planting!

Mothers Day Weekend - Things to do!


Kondalilla Falls.

Kondalilla Falls.

Nothing says 'I love you Mum' more than showering her in handmade and school stall brought gifts and spoiling her with some fun activities! Here are some ideas of special ways to spoil the Mum's in your life both relaxing and adventurous:

  • Pack a picnic breakfast of all the fun and delish things like pancakes, fruit, yoghurt & coffee and head out for a mid morning brunch and mountain walk in one of your local mountains! If you havent been to Kondalilla Falls Circuit track yet, this is the perfect time. Read all about it HERE.

  • Enter into The Mothers Day Classic, a nationwide community event that raises money for breast cancer. Enter into a 4km walk with the whole family or if your runner try the 4km or 8Km run! enter via: www.mothersdayclassic.com.au

  • Check out your local craft or farmers market on the sunday morning. Not many Mum's would turn down the offer of fresh coffee while walking around doing a bit of shopping. If you're local to the Sunshine Coast in QLD check out Caloundra Street Fair, Cotton Tree Markets, or the new Sunshine Coast Collective Markets which is also on Sunday 12th May at Coolum State Primary School.

  • Does Mum have a favourite local she likes to eat at, or grab her coffee from? Book breakfast or Lunch there and ride there as a family on your bikes!

  • Spend the day spoiling Mum at home, help her out with those usual jobs that she has to do on a daily basis and then finish the day with an early Fish n Chips dinner by the beach taking in the views of our beautiful country we call home.

Have a great time spoiling the Mum’s in your life on Mother’s Day this year, and make sure you take some photos of your special moments. Mum’s are normally too busy taking the photos of everyone, they forget to include themselves.

We would love to hear what you’re planning to do?

Let's make Damper!

Camping isnt really camping without experiencing Damper right? its iconic and the kids will love it!

Traditionally its made in a camp oven over hot coal’s but to begin with (and the kids enjoy this way the most!) we’ve gone with our usual Damper on a stick method!

First up, its adventure time with those little legends to find some suitable roasting sticks.


  • 1 tsp sugar

  • 1 cup self raising flour

  • 1 tbs butter

  • pinch salt

  • 3/4 cup milk


With clean hands let those little legends rub the butter through the flour until its all crumbly. Mix in the salt, sugar, and a little bit of milk at a time until it forms a dough. You may need to get your hands dirty too to help them, but it will be worth it from the fun they have and the treat at the end! Divide the dough into two pieces and roll into a snake shape. Wind around a clean stick that you’ve found. Now the best part, hold of the campfire to toast and cook.

Serve them hot with butter, jam or whatever your heart desires - our littlest legend loves hers with Nutella - to be fair though, she would probably eat nutella off an empty stick!

Meet a Little Legend Volume 3

Another month has come around, and its time to meet our little legend for the month of March, Lexi! Lexi is a 7year old that loves her martial arts, have a read on to hear from her and what she loves about it!

We love to meet new little legends out in the community so if you know a little legend who would love to tell us all about their favourite adventures, get in touch with us we would love to feature them!


First aid & camp fire safety while camping.

We love to let our little legends get dirty and to make the most of the outside world when we are camping, but it is also really important that they are saftey conscious when they go to new environments.

Whenever we turn up to a new place, one of the first things we do is check out all the places the kids can go, look out for potential hazards and have a family meeting so everyone is on the same page with rules!


  • Always check weather forecast and conditions for the area before you leave.

  • Always check your first aid kit prior to leaving on your trip and top up anything that may be missing or not in good condition. Always have plenty of bandages, sterile wipes and rinsing solutions, antiseptic creams, tweezers, scissors and pain medication.

  • Always supervise children, especially toddlers when near water and in areas that could potentially have dangerous conditions or wild life. Camping is an exciting time to have a bit of extra freedom but it is always important for the adults to access the enviroments first. When we arrive at a new destination and once we have set up we always have a family meeting to establish the enviromental conditions and set some family rules for the trip.


  • As exciting as a campfire is, it is very important to teach your little legends safe fire habits when camping to avoid any accidents.

  • Before lighting fires, always check the conditions, local fire permits and enviromental factors. Always start the fire a safe distance away from tents or other camping furniture in designated areas (like rocks around it identifying to others that a fire has been there so others dont accidentally stand on it).

  • Never play or run around a camp fire.

  • Use water to extinguish a fire, never use sand. Sand will hold the heat for a very long time and could potentially cause an accident. Never leave a fire going while the campsite is unattended and put it out before going to bed at night.

  • Never use flamable liquids to start your campfire.

  • Never use portable gas appliancces inside tents or vehicles.

If an accident does occur, you need to follow emergency instructions, stop drop and roll, and call Triple Zero (000) immediately. Stay on the phone untill the emergency phone operator hangs up - this is really important! Cool the burn area as soon as possible by applying cold water for at least 20 minutes and seek medical assistance as soon as possible.