Welcome to our own little slice of paradise, the place we call home, Bribie Island.  Bribie has been in our blood for many years, camping up the beach way before the little legends were even a twinkle in our eyes.  It even prompted us one weekend with friends on a whim to pack up and move up there, why holiday at your favourite place when you can live there! Bribie is only an hour from Brisbane City and is connected to the mainland by an iconic bridge opened in 1963 - watch when you drive over it, can you see any pelicans sitting on the light posts?


Our recent trip up the beach was just a quick little getaway, 24 hours barefoot up the beach (with the bare minimum).  Just the 4 of us, it was just what we all needed to reconnect after busy everyday life and to recharge the soul. This epic camping location is accessible only by 4WD vehicles and you need to make sure you purchase your vehicle and camping permits before you set out. There is something a little bit special about camping at a 4WD spot, maybe it's the thrill & excitement of getting there, but everyone who has made it there all have the same thing in common, they have all ventured out here to chill out in nature and recharge the batteries - 4 wheel drivers are a pretty friendly lot so make sure you hand out a few waves to each other when your driving up the beach! Bookings and permits for camping in the National Park can be found here: ‘Bribie Ocean Beach Camping’, along with a detailed map of the area including individual campsite numbers.  Each time we are up there we seem to find a new favourite spot so we can’t recommend a favourite number camp site, but would highly suggest multiple adventures to try them all out! The sites are incredible, beach frontage, private and always well looked after by all the campers.

When beach driving it's important to learn to drive on the right tide times.  Going at high tide means you are limited on driving access and space on the soft sand, and this is where you see the lunatics driving in our poor dunes.  Setting out as the tides were on their way out to ensure a smoother trip on the sand, we were set up and relaxing in an hour from door to door - how lucky are we!  With meals all premade (find some quick easy ideas here!) there wasn’t a lot to do but watch the kids get lost in their imaginations and relax in the queensland winter sunshine.  The afternoon brought a quick drive up the beach towards the northern tip to visit the historic Bribie forts for the little legends to get up close and personal and get a quick weekend history lesson.  Back in World War II Bribie was seen as the first line of defence against the invasion of Brisbane hence why the forts were constructed. Again, this is only available with 4WD vehicles and permits, if you don’t have this option there are a number of local companies who specialise in day trips up the beach.  While we were up there, the boys ventured off into the national park following the fort bribie walk back to the truck, while the girls got mesmerized wandering the shore line collecting handfuls (and pockets full) or sea shells - everyone loves to pick up shells at the beach right?

Once night fell, the fire was lit, premade dinner was served (and eaten incredibly fast after a day of playing on the sand) and the little legends were so tired they actually took themselves to bed not long after 6pm!  It was the first day of winter and you wouldn't even think so, sitting around a campfire with a cheese platter & a bottle of red - if this is winter, I can surely handle it! At the end of the day clothes were filthy, feet were covered in dirt, there was sand everywhere, and our hearts were completely and utterly full.

Imagine waking to the sound of waves crashing on each other and the sun streaming through the clouds. Amazing right? Well that was our Sunday morning.  This place is literally 5 star for us, the best $27 i've spent in a very long time. While sitting high up on our dune at the front of campsite number 3, the kids spent Sunday morning making up the craziests games with each other while we sat in our pj’s (boiling our water for a good old fashioned instant coffee) watching the world go by.  There was winter dips in the ocean, crazy fishing stories, a campsite kangaroo that visited us and a whole lotta family connection time. We can’t possibly tell you everything about this epic little island, you’ll need to come and explore it for yourselves, and when you do download and print our awesome ‘Bribie’s Hidden Secrets Bingo’ board to play (Download it here).  We love creating games and activities families can use together to have fun while they are adventuring so don’t forget it!

When the time comes to eventually head home to your own bed, when your passing over the beautiful Bribie bridge, have a look over to your right at the incredible Glasshouse mountains in the distance, another reason why Bribie Island is so magical with those in our backyard.

The best moment we took away from this as parents was watching our 2 little legends walk into school on Monday morning with their besties, furiously exchanging camping stories with each other - they couldn't get their stories out fast enough to each other, it was seriously the best feeling watching kids trade camping and adventure stories - weekends done right!