Food preparation whilst camping can seem like a daunting thing to do, but with a little planning before you go you can prepare amazing meals like you do at home fuss free and not have to resort to the old basics like soup in a can!

Click HERE for our printable meal ideas that you can use when planning your next trip.

Back to basic cooking while camping is also the perfect opportunity to let your little legends join in helping and learning the basics of cooking, the kids will love it! Don’t be afraid to let them get in an help you, with supervision you can all have a great time and it gives the kids a sense of pride eating the food they make and seeing others enjoy it too.

Before leaving you need to plan your food, and to help with that you need to establish how you are going to be able to cook? Are you taking a gas cooker, will you be using camp kitchens provided (normally BBQ hotplates) or are you cooking by fire? Once you establish what you can cook with, the planning can begin!

Plan each meal and write your shopping list accordingly and once home if you have the time and space to prepare some food we highly recommend it. We like to pre boil eggs and cut carrots and store in a containers. These are easy ways to create accessible healthy snacks for the kids so they always have something to grab. With a little preparation before you leave can also make more time for relaxing and less time cooking!

Breakfast Most is arguably the most important meal of the day so get those little legends tummy’s full for a full day of action and adventure!

  • Overnight oats - prepare the night before in jars and by the morning the will be delish!

  • Pancakes - The kids will love you for it! Buy one of the easy ready to go shakers from the supermarket or make your own recipe at home and bring in a zip lock bag! Serve with fresh fruit, yogurt, coulis and maple syrup.

  • Bacon & Eggs

  • Cereals / Oats - Oats are super quick, easy and filling for the kids! Put portion size into a heat proof bowl and cover just over the top of it with boiling water. Let the water soak in for 5-10 minutes and they are ready.

  • Breakfast Burritos - Opportunities are endless when it comes to what you can add to breakfast burritos. Use your favourite wraps and add - Bacon, eggs (fried/scrambled), spinach, beans, chorizo, avocado, feta, onion, chutney, salami, chickpeas - go wild with it!

  • One pan loaded omelette - A perfect share meal with each other! Add your favourite’s like bacon, onion, mushrooms, chorizo etc to the pan and cook, then add your beaten eggs! Add on extras like cherry tomatoes, danish feta, cheddar cheese, spinach and serve from the pan.


⦁ Cut up fruit and vegetables with dip/hummus

⦁ Cheese and crackers

⦁ Tuna portions

⦁ Nuts

⦁ Protein bars

⦁ Boiled Eggs

⦁ Natural Popcorn

Lunch - Anything quick and easy works a treat while the kids are too busy on the go!

  • Wraps - Grated vegetables, sliced meats like ham, cooked chicken and dressing on your favourite wraps! On longer trips we would make our lunch wraps ahead of time (using fillings like ham and cheese, and chicken mayo and chopped spinach) and take them out of the camping freezer each morning and they were ready by lunch! (FYI They didn’t last much longer than a week!)

  • Salads

  • Sammie’s - with your usual fillings or if you have a jaffle iron why not try them toasted!

  • Ready to eat tuna & rice (or quinoa) pots - Super quick, easy and healthy!

Family Favourite Dinners

  • Taco station - as you will see from all of our dinner ideas, we are a Mexican loving family! Cook your meat of choice in the pan (Chicken, mince etc) and serve up with taco favourites and everyone can create their own! Try - Diced lettuce, onion, grates cheese, avocado, grated carrots, cucumber, beans, greek yoghurt, sour cream.

  • Burritos- Using your favourite wraps, create your own burritos! If you have an open fire wrap them in foil and toast them a little bit, watch out they don't burn.

  • Nacho’s - Crowd favourite, prep your mince like normal and serve with corn chips, avocado, jalapenos, sweet corn, salsa, beans, cheese and sour cream. If you have a cast iron pan, turn it into a share plate and build up the nachos in the pan, sprinkle with cheese and cover with foil to melt.

  • Meats and Salad - Pan fried fish portions or Steak, chicken kebabs, sausages all the BBQ favourites with a side salad.

  • Burger Bar - Cut open the buns, cook your patties and line up all your toppings for a help yourself burger bar, camping style! Some of the extras you could have - sliced cheese, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pickles, beetroot, chutney's, onion, grated carrot, eggs.

  • Spaghetti Bolognese - not many would turn down a classic like this! We like to pre-cook ours into portions before we leave and add some wholemeal pasta or spaghetti on the night,or you can cook it as you go.

  • A Classic favourite, Baked Potato (or in our case Sweet Potato) wrapped in foil and put on the fire. Once they are cooked you can load them up with all the juicy extras like: cooked mince, tuna, grated cheese, avocado, greek yogurt, refried beans and salsa - use your imagination!

  • Pasta and sauce - Simple and easy for a quick meal. Make your pasta as usual and add a store brought sauce to flavour and sprinkle with cheese. If you have time to make your own sauce before you leave, have a try at making your own sauce with loads of vegetables in it and the kids get all their veggies they need without even knowing.

  • Camp oven Roast - If you have a Dutch Oven and an open fire have a go at making your own Roast with vegetables. It is a labour of love and definitely learning from trial and error, but get it right and you will be enjoying an incredible roast meal under star light.

  • Antipasto platters - Cheese, crackers, sliced meats, olives, stuffed peppers, grilled vegetables, nuts, dip and breads.

Old Favourite Treats

⦁ Tinned spaghetti or baked beans

⦁ 2 minute pot noodles

Have a Fridge/ Freezer?

Space saving is so important when you are using a fridge or fridge freezer, especially if you are camping for extended periods of time. On a recent long trip we prepared our food and using a vacuum sealer we froze our meal portions laying flat and stacked them up in the freezer, a good 2 weeks worth of meals for 4 fit in the freezer along with a few extra treats like ice cream for after the little legends had gone to bed! 

Print off your camping meal ideas list HERE.