car travel games

Looking for fun ways to keep the little legends busy on a long car trip without screens and devices? Why not try some of these games to help keep you sane while you’re on the road! Do you have a family favourite that you play that’s not listed? We would love to know to add to the collection!


Even those who aren’t fans of a normal game of cricket can enjoy this version! Although there are plenty of variations out there, we’ve created our own “Little Legends Car Cricket” with its very own score sheet that you can print out below.


One person ‘up to bat’ at a time. After everyone in the car has had a turn batting then the person with the most runs wins! You could even join up together and play in teams.

For cars to count as ‘runs’ the car needs to be moving, and going in the opposite direction.


  • White/Grey/Silver cars = 1 run

  • Coloured cars (not including red) = 2 runs

  • Black cars = 5 runs

  • Motorbikes = 4 runs

  • Trucks & Buses = 6 runs

  • Any car towing something = 1 extra run

  • Red cars = You’re OUT!

Find your very own score sheet here to use in the car! We found the game was also a good way for the kids to practice their math’s skills whilst having fun, winning!

You could even laminate it and use it over and over, just mark using a marker and when it needs to be cleaned, just wipe it off with a bit of metho!

Happy Cricket Playing and may the best player win!


An old time favourite, and a pretty good game for young and old to enjoy, I Spy! One player takes a turn to say “I Spy with my little eye something beginning with….” and see how long it takes to find the answer! This one can be pretty time consuming so you may need to add some of your own rules to the game like when you can give up!


Now this will give you a rest from i-spy and keep the kids busy for awhile! Print this handy bingo board using the link below, laminate it and keep them in the car with some markers for long trips!

Click here for your road trip bingo printable!


Another easy one for all ages of the family, 20 Questions!

Player one thinks of a thing, place or person and everyone takes turns to ask a question that can only be answered with a yes or a no. After each question the questioner gets one chance to guess what it is.

Have you got what it takes to be the ultimate 20 question winner on your road trip!!??


Another classic family favourite! Player one chooses a category (eg, food cars sports etc) and beginning at A and working through the alphabetical order you need to take turns commenting on that particular category. Try and not break the chain!

eg Sports: Archery, badminton, cricket etc…

last but not least, the OLD FAVOURITES

Have you got a paper and pen? What about noughts and crosses (or otherwise called tic tac toe!)

Rock, Paper, Scissors! Do you have any tricks you add when playing in your family?