Cobb & Co Nine Mile Camping Grounds

1484 Noosa Road, Tandur QLD 4570

The little legends made a point of tracking down Sean each day to say Gidday!

The little legends made a point of tracking down Sean each day to say Gidday!

By far, the best family getaway we’ve had in a long time, the perfect spot to unplug & relax with good old fashioned fun!

If your lucky enough to meet the owners Sean & Katherine, you will see just how much passion they have for their little gem of a campground. Over the Christmas and New Years period we spent (a what felt like forever but also not long enough) 2 weeks here with another bunch of legends, experiencing the best Christmas Day ever (fuss and stress free!) and ringing in a pretty magical new year!

The campgrounds have it all, unpowered sites and some pretty awesome luxury tents (perfect for a spontaneous night or two away without taking all the camping essentials!), cobbs farm yard, a pirate playground, flying foxes (both fun for the kids and adults alike!), beautiful showers and an awesome billabong down the bottom to get wet in! There is over 50 acres to explore so beautifully taken care of, so take your bikes or enjoy a morning stroll around the tracks (I always did this with a fiver in my pocket to end up via the espresso machine at the office!)

If you’re lucky enough to get there in a holiday period, you’ll get to experience the best parts of Cobb n Co at its finest, headed by the boss himself Sean! Kids tractor rides, cobbapilla rides (what a laugh and a half this is for all), pony rides and horse and carriage rides. Sean has created some pretty incredible rides for the kids there, I know for sure our little legends will never forget them.

The girls in the office are so friendly and patient with kids that come up with handfuls of coins for ice creams each day, and they make a pretty awesome coffee too - a highlight for us parents after a couple of weeks camping!

Make sure you take the time to head up the road to the rock pools at Woondum National Park (5km away), such a pretty spot for a dip and picnic lunch and the Gympie Gold Mining Museum. The little legends were fascinated for hours looking around at all the ‘ancient’ stuff, get some gold panning in while your in there, you never know your luck!

This trip was pretty life changing for us really. We liked to think that we were pretty active and adventurous with our kids but spending such a good length of time watching the kids explore, engage and get back to basics with their imaginations was pretty heart warming as parents and it was then we realised that these are the kinds of moments that our kids, will tell their kids, about their childhoods. Thanks Sean & Katherine for such an epic place to stay!

Little Legends last word:

It was so awesome, breath taking, the rides were so fun, the tractor ride had flames out the back! Sean squirted us with the water gun so we squirted him back! Take your bike, the bike track was epic! (Ry, 8years)

Cobb n Co was the best! I loved it when Sean came around and dressed up like Santa on Christmas eve and drove around saying Merry Christmas! The bike track was so fun and i loved riding my bike up to see the farm animals and Georgie the horse! (Loz, 5yrs)