DIY - A moment in time capsule!

Making a time capsule is a perfect weekend activity to do for the whole family and freeze a moment in time, the old school way!

In a busy digital society, there is nothing better than showing the little legends activities we did as children and many years down the track having the chance to open it together, reminisce and to hold all the memories and treasures inside.

Growing up in a little primary school in New Zealand, one of my most memorable moments was the day the whole school did a time capsule.  I remember the day in 1990 like it was yesterday writing our letters and watching it get buried, not to be open for 25 years. Strolling Facebook one day in 2015 I noticed an old primary school friend mention it and thought I'd try my luck by contacting the school from Australia for my twin brothers and my own, letters.  Within a few hours, I had the letters, and time stood still when i read them. I should mention, my twin brother is sadly no longer with us, so to have any moments of his life is to be truly treasured. Our little legends loved seeing these, especially since they were written at the age they are now. We are so excited to do this with our own kids.  Make sure once it's done to set a special time in your lives to open it again, maybe a wedding day, the birth of a child or a monumental birth date.

Store it away in a safe place; traditionally they are buried and dug up many years down the track but this family one can be stored in a safe place like the top of a wardrobe so it won't matter if you move house or countries in the future.

Making your own time capsule is an inexpensive family activity, and the moments you will spend reminiscing over it in the future will be so worth it.

Materials needed:

  • Something safe to keep your memories in: an airtight storage container, we have chosen to recycle one of our large glass mason jars

  • Little Legends printable time capsule activity sheets: PRINT HERE

  • Treasures & trinkets to add in: Photos, children’s art work, newspaper clippings, store receipts, toys, local maps, letters to your children for the future, school photos, coins


  • Once you have printed your Little Legends time capsule activity sheets, spend the weekend together filling them in! Get everyone involved, if you have friends around too, why not get them to fill a sheet out too

  • Add all your memories into your container or mason jar, label with included labels and seal & store away in a safe place for the future

Happy Memory Making x

Our special memories from 1990 xx

Our special memories from 1990 xx