Board Games & Playing Cards

UNO is a family favourite of ours! Have you tried Phase 10? It’s great for all ages! Read about it here!

Squirt Gun Races

Grab some squirt guns, fill them with water and get ready to race! Set up 6 plastic cups in the shape of a pyramid and players take turns trying to knock down the pyramid using the water from the guns! The winner knocks theirs over first!

French Cricket

Everyone stands in a circle and someone bats first. The batsman stands with their feet together, defending the "stumps", which are their legs below the knees. The bowler throws the ball at the stumps and they must hit the ball away. If the batter hits the ball, they can move their feet and turn around to face in another direction. If they don’t hit the ball, they must twist and turn to try to defend the stumps without moving their feet. The batsman is out when caught or when the ball hits their legs. The person who bowls the batsman out, or who catches the batsman out is the next batsman

Capture the Flag

Have 2 teams. Each team tries to steal the other teams planted flag before getting tagged. A BIG field is helpful in this one. The “flag” could be anything- but something visible like a glow stick might be helpful


Everyone can join in on frisbee, the more the merrier!

Duck Duck Goose

Fun, exciting and bound to get the heart racing! A player goes around the circle touching the head of each person saying duck, duck, duck, until they choose the goose who will get us and chase them! Beat the player back to the empty seat or your up next!

Build a Cubby

Grab the spare blankets and build a cubby! Our little legends like to get into the recycling and use anything they can from there like boxes. If your out camping use a spare tarpulain and rope and have fun!  

We’ve made a handy list of it for you to print so you can can take it away camping or pop it on the fridge! Click Here.