Spotlight Charades

Just like the usual game of charades but this is extra fun by torch light! A player acts out the name of a movie, book, TV show or song!

Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

Get your glow sticks ready and connect them into circles! You will use these to to throw over objects, the goal is to get the ring onto it! A handy tip - we use an empty 600ml water bottle with a bit of water or sand in the bottom to weight it down!

Capture the Flag in the Dark

Have 2 teams. Each team tries to steal the other teams planted flag before getting tagged. A BIG field is helpful in this one. The “flag” could be anything- but something visible like a glow stick might be helpful

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Collect empty water bottles, small ones like 600ml are a great size. (Fill them with sand or water in the bottom to weight them down). Once you’ve lined them up like pins in ten pin bowling, pop a ready glow stick in each bottle so they light up. Use a ball you have to bowl the pins down.

Headlamp Hide n Seek

Everyone loves a game of good old fashioned hide and seek, but this is extra fun by torch light!

Glow Hopscotch

Lay out your glow sticks in the shape of hopscotch and hop hop hop away!


Nothing better than laying down a blanket after all these games and spending some time star gazing. Can you spot any planets? or are you luck enough to see a shooting star?

We’ve made this list that you can print and take with you camping, click here!

Glow stick safety: As fun as glow sticks are, they do contain chemicals inside them so care needs to be used when playing with them. Don’t let kids chew on them or put them in their mouth, and if they are damaged dispose of them immediately.