Looking for a cool, different activity to do with the little legends this weekend? Why not plant a tree! It's the perfect way to create a memory with them, and they get to get out and dirty while enjoying sunshine, fresh air & nature!

Planting trees or plants with your kids is not only a fun activity to do together but it’s also a great chance for them to learn something new through actively participating with you, and hey you never know you may even learn a few things too.  It's the perfect hands on way for them to learn about the environment, and you don't even need a big backyard to enjoy it. You could plant a large tree on your acreage, put a small tree or plant in pots around your patio or doorways, or start an inside pot on the kitchen bench.

You’ll find super fun learning opportunities throughout the process, like:

  • The planning stages: deciding what you would like to plant and what would be suitable for your local conditions.

  • Planting: what to plant in particular seasons, how to plant seeds, plants or trees etc.

  • Names: Learning the botanical names of your plants/trees (and also having fun choosing an awesome new name!).

  • Looking after your new plants: How to maintain them and learning what will help them grow like composting etc - you could even set up your own compost bin or worm farm.  Did you know one kilogram of worms can eat and recycle one kilogram of food scraps everyday? That makes some pretty awesome worm castings for your plants to enjoy, not to mention its a pretty fun bunch of pets for the kids to have!

  • Encourage & talk about recycling: What could you use around the house to plant into, like egg cartons for seedlings or even a pair of Dad’s old work boots for flowers - you don’t need to buy everything brand new.

This is such a positive way that kids can learn to help their environment.  It teaches them to love nature and to even have the thought to look forward to how the environment will look in their future.  Planting fruit, herbs or veggies can help encourage and build healthy food choices and lifestyles, so a win win for us parents!

Now the fun begins! Spend some time together, adventuring around your local nurseries or Bunnings (bonus, sausage sizzle for the ride home) to find what you're looking for and really encourage the kids to get in and get dirty helping.  This also helps if you get in and enjoy being dirty with them too!

Remember, you don't need to have a green thumb to have fun and make your plant grow and flourish.  Why not start with something super easy like a little succulent or a funky little cactus? There are heaps of super cool little ones that the kids will love, and can be hardy if you happen to accidentally forget to water it enough.

Everyone deserves to have a name right, so let the kids come up with a name for their new house mate.  We always name our plants when we get them, it builds the connection with the kids and gives them the confidence and sense of responsibility to care for something.

The fun doesn’t have to end after planting.  The kids get the excitement of watching it grow but they can also harvest the fruit, herbs or vegetables when they are ready (maybe even learn to eat something they didn't think they even liked!) or even do craft activities with the flowers, leaves or seeds that come off.

Here are a few ideas for plants or trees that you could plant:

  • Bright flowers: sunflowers, daffodils, marigolds

  • Plants or trees the kids can taste: fruit trees (they take time but are worth the wait), herbs or vegetables like strawberries, radishes or tomatoes.  If you have the space you could plant something bold and beautiful like a weeping cherry (the flowers are amazing!)

  • Succulents: These guys are pretty hardy and easy, things like aloe vera are awesome and that can be used on the skin to soothe it

  • Pretty smelling flowers: jasmine, lavender, sweet peas

  • Inside plants: Potted herbs on the bench (it might encourage them to try more flavours) Rubber fig (help removes toxins from the air) or a venus fly trap (super cool looking and the kids will love watching it)

If you have any questions, get in touch us. Our background is horticulture so we would be happy to offer any advice, and don't forget to send us a photo of your little legends and their new plants.  We would love to see them and share them so we can all get inspiration.

Happy Planting!