We are LOVING spontaneous overnight trips at the moment! (It was hard for me to get used to being a big planner.)

It helps break up the normal everyday routine, gives us something to look forward to during the working week, but most of all it recharges the soul and makes us feel like we’ve had a few days away connecting as a family.

Whenever we go, we keep it really simple - think of it this was, the less you take, the less you have to bring home to unpack and clean up. Plan ahead and pack up the night before, set off early the next day and make the most of your weekend together.

We’ve put together a simple packing list of what we normally take, and we really hope that it can help you plan your next spontaneous night away. Print it out, laminate it and use it over and over again. 

Some tips we love:

  • Find somewhere close to home.  There is nothing worse than travelling home, especially in Sunday traffic so if you find a favourite spot that's near home it will make it easier to get there and home.

  • Pack the car up the night before.  This makes the morning stress free, feed the little legends breakfast and hit the road with a cuppa!

  • Plan your meals ahead and prepare what you can.  We like to pick a family favourite for dinner and prepare what we can at home so when it comes to cooking dinner most of the hard work is done.  It gives everyone a chance to relax together rather than slave away preparing meals. An easy favourite at the moment for us is Korean Beef Tacos.  We cut and marinate the meat so all that needs to be done for dinner is to cook the meat. Prep a salad to put in the tacos before you leave and you have a simple healthy dinner ready to go.

  • Pre make sammies or wraps for lunches and snacks.  Adventuring around a campsite is a big job for little legends so having those ready to pull out of the fridge/esky for when hunger strikes is an absolute blessing.

  • Pick an easy breakfast.  Again, something you could prepare at home so mornings are just worrying about who is making the coffee! Grab a jar and make overnight oats (a trojan horse brekky full of goodness) or something simple like weetbix, honey, fruit and milk.

  • Keep your essentials handy in a tub.  We have a tub ready to pull out and take holding the main essentials like (x4 for us) plates, bowls, cutlery, a pan and a gas cooker.

  • Less is best, keep it simple!  As long as you have the bare essentials there are things you can do without for a couple of days!

Find your copy HERE.

Enjoy the recharge and Happy Adventuring!