Kondalilla Falls Circuit

Kondalilla Falls National Park

We've only ever adventured here a handful of times, but every time we do we are reminded of just how beautiful it is, and just how much fun we have adventuring here.

When you first arrive you walk through a beautifully manicured picnic area with loads of grass and gardens, picnic tables, toilets and bbq cookers. This is the perfect opportunity to take an easy breakfast up with you early one weekend morning to beat the crowds and have something to eat before your big adventure! I always like to take food and make the experience more memorable, pre make some bacon and egg wraps for breaky or even make a breakfast slice the night before.

The walk is a beautiful rainforest trail taking you from the top of Kondalilla falls, past rock pools down to the bottom of the falls, (yes just remember that, what goes down must come back up again!) and back up again. It is a challenging walk back up all the stairs so take plenty of water! We accidentally too the long circuit walk on our first trip here but in the end it was well worth it and the little legends enjoyed it just as much as we did. (Ok, we may have bribed them with the promise of an ice cream in Maleny if they made it back up!)

Dont forget to take your swimmers, on a beautiful day you can swim in both the top and bottom of the rock pools - It's such a beautiful spot!

On your way home stop in at the beautiful Montville, or a quick drive back into Maleny for an icecream or coffee! Both towns have beautiful quaint little shops, great food and coffee, and even a couple of vineyards and cheese delicatessens, a perfect treat to end your day after that adventure.

Distance: 4.7km

  • (There is a beginner track called Picnic Creek Circuit which is 1.3km to try out first if you're new to bush walking)

Duration: 2.5 hours