Welcome to our Little Legends Beach & Surf Ed!

Over the next 7 days we will be posting on our socials a little bit of education and a little bit of fun all to do with the beach and surf, be sure to share the info with your little legends! 

The beaches in Australia are one of our most favourite playgrounds and with the weather warming up more and more families are venturing back to the beaches with their little legends.  We all love to have fun at the beach, so let’s have a little bit of fun while learning some key information about surf and beach education.

Each day we will post something new including a fun activity for the little legends to print in and do - combine these at the end of the week for an awesome ‘Little Legends Surf & Beach Ed workbook’.  Keep your eyes peeled for each days ‘mini conversation starter’ - this will give you a question, or a comment to discuss with the little legends to get them thinking and talking about all things beach and surf!

We have created a FREE printable activity book full of goodness for the kids, find it below….

Print yours HERE