Glasshouse Mountains, QLD.

Standing amongst the Glasshouse Mountains, Mount Beerwah is the highest at 556m at it was formed a whopping 26 million years ago, how cool is that? It is believed to have been 3 times higher than the size it stands today.  In Aboriginal stories she is the mother of all the Glasshouse Mountains while the father is Mount Tibrogargan.

Now this summit trail is a challenge for the BIG legends this time! Sneak off on this climb on a weekday while the little legends are in school or at a mates!  It is one of the most challenging climbs in the Glasshouse Mountains, with Tibrogargan taking the cake for the hardest. It is best for those who are physically fit and aren’t afraid of heights because you will be pushed to your limits, but the confidence and sense of accomplishment when you reach the summit will be well worth it.

Depending on your fitness level it can take between 2 -4  hours return on the 2.6km STEEP return climb and this includes parts where you are essentially rock climbing and scrambling up a rock face or doing a lot of bum shuffling & crab walking down.   Take a mate on this climb and enjoy the thrill of it together, if they have climbing experience even better. The climb is extremely wet and slippery in wet conditions so make sure you check local forecasts first and even jump on the rain radar to check incoming showers - even the dew of a morning can make it slippery! 

Now for the HOT tips:

-Before you start your adventure in the carpark, utilise the loo (imagine being stuck up there and busting!) and keep an eye out for the signs, there are some awesome aboriginal facts about the mountain and areas, they are great to learn and also help keep the mind occupied while you are climbing.

-Wear decent shoes with tread on them - the rocks can be slippery.

-After what seems like some epic climbing you will get a little treat when you come across ‘the organ pipes’.  These spectacular caves and formations will be a prize in itself to see, they are breathtaking!

-The views are just insane, soak up all those different angles of the Glasshouse Mountains while you are up there. Keep an eye out for Mount Coonowrin, you might notice it stands pretty proudly in our logo.  We actually had our logo designed with the Glasshouse Mountains in mind, they are such an epic spot on our back door step that we get to see every day!

And lastly, the important stuff….

DISCLAIMER:  We just want to say again the fact that this climb is NOT for the faint hearted, it is steep and you will need to climb.  Be prepared with suitable footwear, water, food and always check the weather conditions. Climbing Mount Beerwah is at your own risk, so please be safe!