mount ngungun

Glass House Mountains

Just through the beautiful little town of Glasshouse Mountains you will find a perfect mountain track for all ages to get out and enjoy. Mount Ngungun (its actually pronounced ‘noo noo’ but most people just call it ‘gun gun’) is a pretty popular place to start out with your climbing experiences, it’s especially popular in the weekends!

This is one of our old faithfuls to do as a family, especially since its so close to home for us! Our two little legends have climbed it both from young ages, and have always really enjoyed it. Yes, it can seem challenging at times, but the sense of achievement at the top is well worth it. The climb is a mixture of tracks and stairs, winding through forest and catching the occasionaly glimpse of Moreton or the Sunshine Coast, but the prize is truely the breathtaking view once you get to the top.

Along the trek up the track passes a rock over hang which looks like caves, always one of our water break spots and for a bit of an adventure around in the caves. It’s very popular in the weekends too for local rock climbers and abseilers so you may run into some of them along your way too.

Mount Ngungun is the 6th tallest of the Glass House Mountains making it a perfect little adventure for for the whole family! Pack a picnic lunch and head up and soak in the views while having a snack! If youre little legends are anything like ours, by the time they have made the decent down and skulled their water bottles you’ll need a local toilet! Head back into the town of Glass House Mountains and you’ll find public amenities there.

Distance: 2.8 Km

Duration: 2 Hours 

The view from the top is worth the climb!

The view from the top is worth the climb!