From a young age our little legends have always known to recycle.  When they attended our local kindy they were really introduced to how important recycling was to protect our beautiful island home and it was imprinted into their daily lives.  Cue, recycling superheroes! - Don’t forget to check right down the bottom for a awesome little activity pack for the little legends!

Obviously, leading by example too is really important. It has always been a routine practice in our home but they even taught us a thing or two. As adults it is just an everyday part of our routines to sort our recycling from our rubbish like brushing our teeth or washing our clothes, but the little legends need a little more help learning how to do it and the benefits of it so along with this awesome blog post we have created a little recycling activity pack for your family to help teach the kids in fun creative ways because let's face it, if it sounds like a chore the kids just won’t want to do it, so lets have some fun.

Talking about recycling can be a really thought provoking topic about their future for kids.  When I asked my little mermaid earlier why she recycled it was firmly because she didn’t want any animals like turtles or fish to get hurt from our rubbish in the ocean, and to make sure our planet is clean. Man, what a legend. Teaching and encouraging our kids to protect and care for THEIR environment is one of the most important core values we could ever teach our children.  It’s our job as parents to help them think about the positive impact their recycling can have on our Planet earth for them to enjoy for the rest of their lives, but also for their children, and so on.

Depending on your neighbourhood depends on what recycling facilities you have.  For example, in our neighbourhood we only have the one for garbage and one for recycling.  In some areas like where I grew up have one particular for glass and plastic bottles too.

Recycling doesn’t just have to be about can be recycled into your kerbside recycling bin.  There are many ways that you can integrate recycling into your daily habits:

  • Finding alternatives to help reduce your waste on products like glad wrap/cling film: Try buying reusable beeswax wraps that can be used to cover leftovers in the fridge or wrap sammies in lunch boxes.  Or stocking up on reusable snack containers for kids lunch boxes

  • Do you know someone with chickens locally? You could collect food scraps for them and swap them for fresh eggs

  • Investing in a good quality stainless steel water bottle.  These are lifesavers in our family, and we all have our own that we take everywhere with us.  For years we brought cheap little drink bottles and the kids lose them all the time or they got moudly really quickly.  After buying one good drink bottle each we never have the problem of finding them now that we are responsible for our own individual water bottles.

  • Build your own compost bin or worm farm - now this could be fun for the little legends and a great way to use food scraps

  • Reducing our energy and water use and teaching the kids to turn off lights or power points when they aren't in use, and turning off the tap while we are busy brushing our teeth

There are so many different and fun ways for you to incorporate recycling into your families everyday routine:

  • Spend some time making a recycling station. The little legends can make some awesome labels they can read & recognise, and away they go recycling

  • Visit your local school or kindy and check with them if there are any recyclable products that they could use for learning or creative purposes or even items they could reuse or put some new life back into like: jars, yougurt containers, or even an old tyre to make into a pretty planter in the playground

  • Go on a rubbish adventure hunt in your neighbourhood - don't be afraid to get out there in the fresh air together and look for items you can pick up and dispose of properly, it’s a great way to get a bit of exercise too. (Find your very own Adventure Hunt in our activity pack)

  • Help the little legends learn how pack their very own waste free lunchbox. Our kids love packing their own, and it makes them want to eat it more because they had the chance to pick their food options

  • Pocket money Incentive - Queensland has just introduced the refund scheme, Containers for Change, which has been in other states for some time now.  Our little legends were quite excited about the possibility of making some pocket money on their recycling efforts - albeit taking some time as we don’t have a lot of cans or bottles for them to cash in! (We re use alot of our recyclables eg glass bottles for our kombucha etc)

And, if you have creative kids, recycling is a whole new possibility to create something awesome! Have fun with the recyclables before they are sent off to recycling with these fun activities:

  • Make your own worm farm start a composting adventure - Imagine having all those awesome creepy crawlies to watch and give awesome names too

  • Make your own musical instruments and make your own band - Guitars and drums are pretty popular to build in our home

  • Robot building competition

  • Grow seedlings in  used milk containers or yoghurt pots

  • Build your own cars from cardboard boxes

  • DIY Jigsaw puzzles. Cut up old packaging from products into your very own puzzles

  • Giving new life to glass jars: they are perfect to store all your treasures in around the house or even using them to store art supplies, food in the pantry or even fresh flowers that you could have picked on a walk

And lastly, we can teach our little legends to donate and pass on things that we no longer use to others, and reduce them going into the bin and ending up in landfills.  Teaching them to donate means that some other lucky little legend gets the chance to play and love their old toys just like they did.

Let’s have a positive impact on the environmental future of our little legends to help them and their children have a beautiful place to live.

Happy Recycling!

Click here to download your Little Legends Recycling Activity Pack, and enjoy!