Leave early & arrive early

If you can, load up the car the night before so in the morning when everyone is fresh and excited its just a matter of eating breakfast and hitting the road! It's best not to rush setting up so the earlier you get there the more relaxed set up can be. Pre pack some snacks and lunch boxes - its hard to get good food prepared if you are in the middle of putting up the tent and all you hear is “im hungry!”

Set up

Let the kids get involved and make it fun! Give them a job each to do, it will keep them occupied and give them a sense of responsibility - you'll be suprised how much they can actually help and its all part of the camping experience! The sooner you all set up together the sooner you can adventure!

Establish Camp rules for your family

These can be done as a family at home before you go, or if you regularly go you could do it like us once we've setup and assessed the camping conditions where we are.

Sit & chill. Listen & play

Try and not busy yourself, remember this is your holiday too. Keep things simple and sit and chill with the kids. Let them stay up late and star gaze with you, enjoy the extra cuddles in bed in the morning. Its the perfect time to talk to each other with no distractions. Ask them about their dreams they had at night, listen to them talk about their most favourite things in the world – you'll never get this time of their childhood back so soak up all that you can.

Have a wet weather plan

Lets face it, in Australia it can be amazing one minute and then the next a storm can roll in. Be prepared with activities (like colouring in & books) incase the kids are stuck in the tent for the day. Have a plan if the weather changes and be positive and have fun even in the bad weather - the kids will pick up on your positive attitude and also have one too so they dont have to feel worried! P.S Dont forget a rain coat to play in the rain!

Let kids be kids

We always let the kids bring a back pack each with a few of their home comforts and favourite toys each but now is the time to let them run wild and get dirty and use their imagination in nature – try and leave the screens at home, hopefully they have had that much fun during the day that when it comes to night time they fall straight asleep.

Pastic tubs will be your best friend

Pack what you can in clear plastic tubs. They are cheap to buy, sturdy and packed right hold quite alot of stuff. They store and stack well and when they are clear you can see just what your looking for.


Dont forget the baby wipes! Your little legends may be older and you may not have had to buy them for awhile but they are perfect for camping. They are great for cleaning dirty little hands and feet before bed.


Set up a water drinking station. All that adventuring the kids can quite often forget to drink enough water so make it easy that they have no excuses not to dash back for a drink. We set up a 25 litre water drum with a tap attached on the corner of the kitchen table with a cup each so no excuses.

Invest in a trolley

Our camping experience changed as soon as we had a trolley. Remember the beach trolleys from kmart that took over like a storm? There's a reason why, they are incredible! Rather than dragging everything up to the showers on your own with kids that conviently dont want to carry anything. Ours was rather well used with the kids doing camp shop runs for us picking up ice and water. If you have a birthday coming up soon, ask for one! Better yet, just treat yourself!


Plan daily outfits before you go and lay them out and roll all together (including their undies!). Its easy for them to grab out a roll without making a mess. We take clear plastic drawers to store our clothes – depending on the length of our trip our 2 little legends will usually fit in a drawer each and that leaves the top drawer free for storing their tooth brushes, torches. It also acts as a bedside table between the two camp beds in our tent. Dont forget a laundry basket, collapsable ones are perfect but if you dont have one like us, we usually use a clear plastic tub that would have come with food items that are now stored in the built camp pantry.

Don't forget the fun stuff!

Take the time to plan and prepare some fun games & activities for the little legends to play while your away. We have some awesome ideas on our website to help give you ideas including day games and fun glow in the dark ideas. Print them, laminate them and take them camping.

Find these notes here to print out and read later on!

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